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Mixed up

This page is for disposal to our clubmembers.
Here you will find messages from all kind  (such as marriages, births, holyday-events, new liasons, partys, photos ...)

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Tunesia TUN.GIF (173 Byte) Greeting to all my friends from the 2-day Safari in the Sahara (from Suppi)
Susanne Dinger & teammember Fabiano Gorla are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Riccarda Nina Philomena!

Riccarda birthday is the 16th march 1999 at 05.37 a.m. Best wishes from the AC Scampi team for the future!

Brigitte Gnägi & our midfieldtalent and ballwizard Markus Dörig are going to marry on june
12th 1999. Good luck for you!
So girls all over the world: this member is not availible anymore! (see photo on the teammembers board)